Santa concerned of weight gain with rise of Black Friday.

We had a great response to our ‘Get Fit For Christmas’ offer (see below for last few spaces) and first out of the blocks was the man himself. 

Concerned that he wouldn’t be getting his normal delivery dose of seasonal exercise due to parents using Black Friday, the old boy thought it best to jump on one of our “Air Assault” bikes. Needless to say, he spent less time on this piece of kit than he does on his sleigh! 

Still, a few more minutes would be required to ensure descending those chimney potts is a reality! 

As stated last week I’ve been upping my game after a busy period & in prep for a big push in December. My diet has improved (no vino on school nights) and all my carbs from veggies. I’ve trained 4 times alternating the Wattbike with resistance training. On the other hand, the old demon of not getting to bed until the early hours is still present. 

However, I’m not stressing to much about this. We’ve had a great first couple of weeks at the new facility and we’ve almost reached our maximum of 30 places for our first serious ‘Get Fit For Christmas’ offer. It’s stress, but it’s good stress! 

Building one habit at a time is a tactic we encourage our members to use – we also encourage you to change the easier ones first. 

So, in order, here are my four habits to change so that I achieve my goal of getting into my rather tight and, not used to frequently,  32″ waist jeans:

1. No processed carbs – done

2. No booze in school nights – done

3. Exercise daily – 75%

4. Sleep 6hrs + – 30%

So, this week I will! 

  • Exercise daily
  • Get 6hrs sleep per night

Umm, the thought of not emailing clients programmes after 11pm? 

Here’s to a good week. 


PS: We’ve got just a few places left on our “Get Fit For Christmas” offer. Please email / call us on 01432 275480 or FB message me to grab your place.