6 Mighty Fine Health & Fitness Hacks

Small group training with a personal trainer

It doesn’t take a load of medical tests to know that you should move more, not smoke, eat real food and enjoy good sleep.

1. MOVEMENT as Medicine

The biggest issue we have this day and age is that we just don’t move enough while piles of unquestionable research tell us it’s the one thing that can prevent so many illnesses and diseases. Ignore the detail to start with and just do what’s accessible for you. Aim for 30 minute doses most days. This could comprise of walks, workouts or even your favourite sport. If you’re motivated to join a facility then great – if not don’t stress and just move.

2. Get some SLEEP 

While I believe the amount of sleep you need is a personal thing, I also know from experience that the more I sleep the leaner I stay and the more I exercise. In a busy world this is tough but the rewards are great! Aim for a minimum of 7hrs per night. If this isn’t possible then think of trying to get in a 90 minute nap at some point in the day as recommended by world leading sleep coach Nick Littlehales or even a 30 minute period to ‘zone out’ which NASA have found to increase performance. Do what suits you and helps your performance.

3. Improving NUTRITION

Rather than get bogged down in the detail with amounts of X & Y nutrients, we prefer to ask clients to list the 5 things they believe are preventing them enjoying a healthier lifestyle. We also give them the choice of what to action first. I really advise you do this to think of what’s stopping you taking your health to the next level. Who are we to tell you what to do? You know better than us what you’re more likely to stick to! The guys at Precision Nutrition have loads of great material. Here’s a great article ‘I’d Love to Get Started’ which may well help you with exactly that.


I can’t stress the importance of mobility enough. We spend far too much time sat down and therefore our movement capability decreases rapidly. Motion is lotion and we need it applied regularly. If you work sat on your arse then get up regularly and cut some shapes. If you teach, please get your kids up and moving regularly – it will help them (and you) in so many ways!  We spend a third of our session time on mobility – it’s that important! Without good mobility our quality of life quickly diminishes and the risk of illness and injury increases. Don’t make it technical & have some fun – move like different animals, make some plant like shapes, dance like a fool … just move!!

5. Make it Fun & SOCIAL

All the science on habit forming points towards a higher success rate when you are enjoying yourself. For most folk, this involves the company of other humans. This is why we’ve implemented our successful Small Group & Team Training memberships. We respect that folk like to be in groups and by still limiting numbers we can still coach high quality sessions. They’re a great blend of highly effective content, quality coaching and fun!

6. Get a COACH!

I hired a business coach before Christmas and guess what? I’m making changes. It made me really reflect on the impact we can make, what we do and how important a coach can be. What have you got to lose? Contact us now if we can help in any way!