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Bounce Back

As legendary American Coach Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up”.

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Lady training at Ady Watts Gym with a personal trainer - pulling a training band

Staying in Shape This Summer

April is the month when many of our fitness habits lose steam. The daylight hours change, the BBQ comes out, our calorific consumption increases, tighter-fitting clothes return, and that ‘feel good factor’ disappears.

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Nicky Brace - People of Fitness at Ady Watts

Nicky Brace

I would not have believed I could get back to this level of fitness and range of movement after that injury – my confidence was just shattered.

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Too Old to Get Strong?

It’s easy to think that because you’re entering your sixth, seventh or eighth decade, you can’t get fit and strong when, in fact, the exact opposite is true.

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Marion Mogg,

Marion Mogg

Breaking my ankle in two places in 2017 led me down a spiral path, becoming incredibly unfit and so lazy. My lack of fitness was really affecting my everyday life. I couldn’t even get up the stairs without having to pull myself up using the bannisters or get down on the floor to play with the grandchildren.

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How to Regain Mobility

Today, very few of us use the body to its full potential and move through the full range of movement our joints are capable of. We’re, therefore, slowly losing mobility from an early age without knowing it.

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A small group of people after a small group training session with the instructor at Ady Watts Hereford Gym

Weight Loss or Fat Loss?

How we choose to lose weight is vital for long term health. Without a correct strategy, we lose muscle rather than fat, setting ourselves up for poor health and an even bigger battle later in life,

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Geoff Fresle

I came to Ady Watts having encountered an industrial accident, thus fracturing my femur. The last time I was in a gym was in 1963 when I left school, 60 years ago.

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Andrew Channell on a workbench - People of Fitness

Andrew Channell

I became a member at the end of January after a recurrence of a painful lower back which meant that for a week I couldn’t even stand for more than a couple of minutes.

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On Demand

Good habits rely on flexibility and convenience. Having all of our sessions available via our On Demand library gives you the ability to access great training anytime, anyplace.


Whether you live too far away to visit frequently or prefer the comfort of training at home, our LIVE training program will deliver great results. No matter what you’re looking to achieve, we’ve proven results using this method of training.


Located north and south of the Wye, our two well appointed Hereford gyms, give members from the county and further afield easy access to our services. Both also providing shower and changing facilities and the chance to grab a post workout tea or coffee!