Alex Wenyon with his female personal trainer at Ady Watts


The exercises allow me to improve without fear of causing damage. I’m only three months into it so far and in that small time I can see significant progress in confidence, strength, general mobility and appear to have lost a little weight.

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It seems to me things start to fall apart in your fifties… whether it’s your eyesight, general aches and pains… the menopause, early onset arthritis and so on… it’s all a bit of a challenge. In particular my knees were painful – and so gradually I moved less… with inevitable results.

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The main reason for joining the gym is yet to be accomplished.. but joining the gym was part of my master plan to finally quit smoking for good.

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It’s been great working with Mark – helping him learning to manage his back while having a busy work & family schedule.

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It’s three years now since I joined the Ady Watts family and honestly, I’ve never felt better, fitter or stronger.

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I have been contemplating joining Ady Watts for sometime but didn’t feel I could cope with regular exercise. I trapped a sciatic nerve which had left me with a numb leg and no feeling in my right foot. Visits to Drs and physio over months have seen little improvement, walking any distance was a struggle.

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In August 2021, after a long hill walk, I had an ankle problem which stopped me walking any sort of distance. I realised I needed help and needed to do something different – to gain fitness and to build strength.

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Amanda joined us just a few months ago and has made great strides in getting fit for her forthcoming London to Brighton bike ride and getting into shape for her daughters wedding…

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Yep I admit I was sceptical when I joined back in September 2021, yet here I am ‘Member of the Week’.

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Ladies in gym with Ady Watts personal trainers doing high 5

Don’t Quit

Don’t Quit In my life I’ve been thin, fat, middle of the road, fat and fit again. I’ve had runs where I feel like I’ll reach that ‘holy grail’ of single percent bodyfat, and I’ve had times where I look in the mirror with disgust. Even at my worst I never gave up. I know…

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