Ann Morris

“9 months ago I joined the gym. I really did wonder if I had done the right thing. I thought it would be full of lycra clad, super fit people and I would be the ‘tubby’ one in leggings! How wrong was I! Well I’m still here and feeling so much better, both physically and mentally. I have had great support from all the staff and as time has gone by the other members. 

Recently, I have committed to the My Coach programme which has changed my attitude towards eating and nutrition. Probably the biggest influence has been my weekly coaching that are far removed from those slimming club confession times!! I am learning so much about myself, about food and the mental approach to it. Since lockdown everything just seems to have clicked.

My whole approach has changed for the better from the training sessions to nutrition and weight loss. I can see the physical changes in my body, small ones maybe, but I know things don’t happen overnight and I accept that now. There is no quick fix on this journey but I’m going to continue to kick ass and give it 100% by being as consistent as I can be. 

P.S. I’m not afraid of lycra anymore! “

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