Becky Smith

People of Fitness Becky Smith

“I had a bad relationship with exercise, it was something I felt like I should be doing but didn’t want to be doing”.

I also had an unhealthy diet which, combined with my lack of exercise, showed in my appearance. I was the typical lazy gym goer, pay a monthly membership, go once a week, spend 20 minutes on a cardio machine and leave just to say I had been.

I moved back to Herefordshire in July 2018 and joined the gym.

I explained how I had previously had gym memberships in the past but didn’t have a clue how to exercise effectively and had never done any strength training. After a very motivating and thorough consultation, I was advised to start in the Small Group Training sessions to increase my strength & confidence and get used to exercising more frequently. This then led onto Team Training, Spin and now I am on the Cycling Improvement Program.

I cannot believe the difference it has made, I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been and my whole outlook towards exercise has changed. I have made some great friends at the gym which makes training so much fun and never feels like a chore. I now train 4 times a week, have a new-found love for cycling and a huge pride in myself.


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