I got asked to write this article / blog by a magazine editor who thought that I was the man to write about being diagnosed with such things as arthritis, fibromyalgia and other inflammatory & degenerative conditions. My reply was that I’d rather not write about any condition but, I’d rather write about how you can get up and going […]

Mistakes are much easier to spot when other people make them. Think about it, how often have you looked at someone else’s training, diet, work habits or parenting and spotted the mistakes they’re so obviously making? The message here is that it’s not spotting mistakes that’s difficult, it’s spotting your mistakes that’s difficult. That’s one of the reasons that having […]

Sure you can Cookie Monster, you just need to use your willpower! Willpower is that magical word that we are all told is the basis of good behaviour with our diets. We can cut out the chips, pizza or cookies by strengthening our willpower. If that was the reality of the situation then sticking to a good diet would be […]

It doesn’t take a load of medical tests to know that you should move more, not smoke, eat real food and enjoy good sleep. 1. MOVEMENT as Medicine The biggest issue we have this day and age is that we just don’t move enough while piles of unquestionable research tell us it’s the one thing that can prevent so many […]

The Biggest Loser has become a huge hit show in the US with its amazing weight loss & intense exercise programming. The participants appear to get great results and all is great as the series ends.  Now, I’ve previously used intense, short term programmes (more sensible than Biggest Loser) and had great results with clients but what are the long […]