A lady in the Snowdonia mountains

Jen Merritt

At the age of 28, I came to realise that I was never going to be the slim figured woman who could eat what she wanted and never put on weight that I was a decade ago. I had tried fad diets and 7 minute workouts, bought the books and downloaded the apps and I…

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A before fitness picture of a man

Neil Taylor

I’ve battled with my weight since primary school and now in my forties I’d accepted it as who I am, a very overweight man. I’d also come to terms with the limitations that came with that identity, unable to walk any distance or get involved with a simple game of rounders or football and even…

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A man stood by his bike

Dave Yates

For 27 years I have lived with a rare condition called Sarcoidosis, which mainly causes a constant shortage of breath and also tiredness and a general feeling of being unwell. I had reached a point where the medication I had been taking didn’t seem to be having much effect on my condition anymore.

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Robyn Dent

I was always sporty at school, often playing school matches every weekend, but I was also one of the bigger girls. Finally, I now look at myself in the mirror and I can honestly say I’m totally happy with how I look.

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Falling Out of Love With Your Diet? Try These Quick Fixes!

Still enjoying that bland salad? All too often we hear that healthy eating can be boring. You have to cut out all the nice things that you couldn’t imagine your life without and replace them with tasteless salads and fat-free everything. Weight loss is about suffering right? If you put yourself through culinary hell, devoid…

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Your Guide to a Healthy Heart!

Keeping your heart healthy is a choice. Most of the risks contributing towards cardiovascular disease are lifestyle related, otherwise known as modifiable risk factors. Physical inactivity, being overweight, smoking, an unhealthy diet and high-stress levels can all contribute to creating one or more of the below risk factors. The more risk factors you have, the…

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Three Tips To Make Your Resolutions Stick

Resolutions can stick but, only if they’re well thought out and super easy to implement. Before making yours, I’ve put together a few really simple tips that you should base your resolutions around. Let’s see if we can make these happen! Enjoyment. Simple, but rarely used. If you enjoy something you are far more likely…

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