People of Fitness 2021

It’s been another challenging year but throughout it all our members continue to inspire us by achieving great results.

Bryan Hardy's Story....

Hear how Bryan has used our services to increase his energy levels, mobility and reduce his risk of Diabetes.

In his own words....

I found it difficult to get through the day without feeling tired, especially helping my daughter at her livery yard each day it meant being shattered by the evening.

It was then that through the NHS that I took their advice to change my lifestyle, having been a sportsperson representing my country at swimming, I needed something that gave me a goal and discipline to change things around.

After researching a number of gyms, Ady Watts had the type of set up that looked right for me. My introduction was a 6 week induction going through the different sessions.

I’ve now found the sessions that are right for me and fit my personal schedule, 2 small group sessions and 1 team training a week.

Over the past few weeks my weight has come down to 95.7 kilos and I’m now off the diabetes watch list, I have better mobility, I don’t get tired during the day, I feel in myself more confident and the little things that proved difficult are now run of the mill.

I owe much to Ady Watts and the staff who have helped me all the way, it’s something I will definitely continue with.’

The Coaches Story

Bryan has only been with us for 4 months but has made great progress.
As with many members he was determined to make a change to his health, in particular keep his blood sugar levels in check.

We first of all wanted to install a great exercise habit so that Bryan improved his work capacity and strength enabling him to have more energy throughout the day as well as giving him greater mobility.

With his exercise habit, work capacity and strength on the up, Bryan was keen to look at losing weight. We use an Accuniq Body Composition analyser which gives us a great snap-shot of a persons, weight, muscles mass and fat levels. This allows us to give greater detailed advice when it comes to lifestyle issues and weight loss / gain.

We’re now making positive inroads into Bryan’s nutrition, using his monthly strategy sessions to ensure his strategy is on track to facilitate further progress.

On Demand

Good habits rely on flexibility and convenience. Having all of our sessions available via our On Demand library gives you the ability to access great training anytime, anyplace.


Whether you live too far away to visit frequently or prefer the comfort of training at home, our LIVE training program will deliver great results. No matter what you’re looking to achieve, we’ve proven results using this method of training.


Located north and south of the Wye, our two well appointed Hereford gyms, give members from the county and further afield easy access to our services. Both also providing shower and changing facilities and the chance to grab a post workout tea or coffee!