Julie Jennings

Having been off work with severe lower back pain in October I had come to realise that the exercise, lots of swimming and hiking, that I was doing was not making me as strong, fit or flexible as I should be. I realised that these were things that were becoming more important to me to…

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The Story so Far

The Early Years As a kid I loved my sport and, being raised on a farm would spend lots of time outdoors.  I did though from the age of 8 onward struggle with my weight. Personally, I blame the release of Kellog’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. From recollection however, I used to have to be dragged…

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Ian Jordan

“Two years ago I turned up to the gym desperately looking for help. I had somehow managed to go from a person playing football and golf, enjoying life, to a physical wreck aged 49. Unable to walk up town or stand still for any length of time due to back pain, I had also sustained…

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Sophie Morgan - People of Fitness

Sophie Morgan

“The change in me in such a short space of time is phenomenal”. “At 19yrs old I joined the Police and had my career mapped out being able to retire when I reached 50!! What a fantastic thought. It was a job I loved, I was confident, socially outgoing and very much a people person.…

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Personal trainer in Hereford putting a small group through it's paces

Why we’re changing our Small Group Training. 

Although we’ve had some great feedback from our Small Group Training since we launched in the summer, the team felt changes were needed to maximise members results … I’ve just spent the last three days reviewing and rewriting our Small Group Training (SGT) systems. The team were unhappy with what we were delivering. It wasn’t specific enough…

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Low Levels of Physical Activity are Second Highest Risk Factor. 

We hear a lot about the risk of this disease and that disease but rarely do we get the message that we should prioritise physical activity.  Over the past twenty years real inroads have been made into smoking cessation programmes that have made a real difference. However what’s been implemented with regards to increasing physical…

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female taking part in a strength and conditioning exercise

Understanding Fascia

I believe we’re only just starting to learn about how the body moves. My approach to training has changed in the past month alone, due mainly to getting some amazing results with new methods! One of the biggest ‘discoveries’ over recent times has been the role of ‘fascia’ a web like material which gives the…

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