Personal trainer in Hereford putting a small group through it's paces

Why we’re changing our Small Group Training. 

Although we’ve had some great feedback from our Small Group Training since we launched in the summer, the team felt changes were needed to maximise members results … I’ve just spent the last three days reviewing and rewriting our Small Group Training (SGT) systems. The team were unhappy with what we were delivering. It wasn’t specific enough…

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Fixing Father Ted.

My quest to save Ted from knee surgery! Ted’s story is a common one and one that frustrates me. It’s one of a person signposted for surgery when I believe there’s a better way forward. Ultimately however, it’s about the client being pro active and doing the required work.  My good friend and recent father…

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What is Small Group Training?

I’m massively excited about developing & delivering our Small Group Training Program over the coming months. As a long term Personal Training client of mine just said “This is just what I need Ady” and she’s right! It’s exactly what lots of folk need. Regular, safe, well supervised, mobility, strength & cardiovascular training.  Result getting…

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Are you a Wolf or a Tiger?

This might sound like an odd question, not particularly related to fitness but in its purist essence it is essential. What’s the difference? Wolves have a pack mentality; they work together to achieve a common goal, whereas Tigers are solitary animals, with self-motivation to pursue their own interests independently. One is not better than the…

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female taking part in a strength and conditioning exercise

Understanding Fascia. 

I believe we’re only just starting to learn about how the body moves. My approach to training has changed in the past month alone, due mainly to getting some amazing results with new methods! One of the biggest ‘discoveries’ over recent times has been the role of ‘fascia’ a web like material which gives the…

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The Silent Evidence

Every time you hear of a success story being linked to a radical idea,  diet or regime, send the person this link. The successes are rarely down to the above.  Structure & consistency may however have something to do with it.

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Coach or Stress Manager?

As the Strength & Conditioning coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Buddy Morris put it; “a coaches primary role is as a stress manager”. We’re in control of loading stress on the body and the tools & methods we use all have an aspect of ‘risk v reward’.  Morris states; “Olympic lifting? Jumping? Medicine ball work?…

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Comparing Treadmill V’s Overground Running for Joint Stress. 

There’s not much research out there regarding the difference in stresses on the knee & ankle joints between running outside or on a treadmill. Although small, this study highlights that treadmill running loads the Achillies Tendon by an additional 21%. The stress on the knee joint are equal. Lesson? If you’re struggling with or recovering…

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