Fixing Father Ted.

My quest to save Ted from knee surgery! Ted’s story is a common one and one that frustrates me. It’s one of a person signposted for surgery when I believe there’s a better way forward. Ultimately however, it’s about the client being pro active and doing the required work.  My good friend and recent father…

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female taking part in a strength and conditioning exercise

Understanding Fascia. 

I believe we’re only just starting to learn about how the body moves. My approach to training has changed in the past month alone, due mainly to getting some amazing results with new methods! One of the biggest ‘discoveries’ over recent times has been the role of ‘fascia’ a web like material which gives the…

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James’ Injury Blog

Also known as: “Arrrghhhh followed by many expletives!! My experience of recovering from an ACL injury”   As some of you may know, I regularly train and compete at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and have been for about 6 years. Having finished University where I played Ultimate Frisbee (and occasionally studied) I came back to Hereford…

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