People of Fitness

Declan Williams

“I’ve been recovering slowly from a serious car crash that I had in June last year. And as a result, have had lots of pins and plates fitted in my hip – it’s quite substantial. I’d come so far with physio but there was a need for something more. I used to play football and…

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Jan Armstrong

“I have struggled with my weight and overall fitness for a few years. And with bi-lateral rotator cuff repairs and arthritis in one ankle, I decided the time had come to sort myself out and do something about it. I had heard about the gym through my golf club at Ross and it sounded just…

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People of Fitness

Daryl Szebesta

“I’ve spent the majority of my life training and competing; running, cycling and triathlon. I was also fortunate to have coaches from time to time in each of the disciplines. However, as anyone familiar with road racing know, at some point you’ll find yourself upside down in a ditch or under a pile of other…

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People of Fitness

Moira Davidson

“I’ve never been madly sporty. And, I have no patience what so ever so would start at gyms, go full tilt for a few months, get bored and then give up. I have a big birthday at the start of next year (30 fyi) and decided last January that it was time I started doing…

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Ann Morris

“9 months ago I joined the gym. I really did wonder if I had done the right thing. I thought it would be full of lycra clad, super fit people and I would be the ‘tubby’ one in leggings! How wrong was I! Well I’m still here and feeling so much better, both physically and…

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Is Ageing an Option?

Steve Reeves

“I was diagnosed with long term depression and severe anxiety, which consequently led me to not looking after my body. I would eat junk food and not exercise. Frequently, I would see social media ads for the gym to which my body thought ‘yes let’s go for it’ and my mind saying ‘no’. One day…

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