Have you caught “Weekenditis”? Here’s a cure!

Does this sound familiar?

I was doing really well throughout the week. My meals were all prepared, I knew when and where I was working out. I resisted all temptation, even the birthday cake someone brought into work. Then all of sudden it hit me, it was Friday night and I was out with my family and I had a glass of wine or two. It had been a busy week after all. Before I knew it I had ordered a desert and another drink.

Saturday morning I felt bad, I felt worse for just having toast for a late breakfast. This weekend was already a right off! Don’t even talk to me about Sunday! Doctor James*, what’s wrong with me?

This sounds to me a like a classic case of “Weekenditis”! Here are the classic symptoms:

  • Being a perfectionist. You follow your diet to the very letter, no room for compromise. Why compromise, compromise is for quitters!
  • Allowing a trade-off for “good behaviour”. Had a great week? Felt like you’ve earned that next drink or dessert? You can trade those good times for the occasional bad one right?
  • Screw it! Once I’ve made a mistake in the day it’s a write-off, I might as well get back to it tomorrow.

That’s all very good Doctor James but what’s the cure?

Well, luckily we have a simple fix for a lot of these ailments.

How to fix being a Perfectionist:

  • A decent program that is followed consistently is always better than a perfect program performed erratically.
  • Ensure that you do get to eat the foods you like and don’t exclude them from your diet, try not to think of it as good and bad foods.
  • Perfectionism is self-destructive, no one is 100% perfect.
  • We are looking for progression for not perfection. Instead of having good and bad foods have a look for “pretty good” options and “not too bad” options.


To treat those trade-off values:

  • Remember, trading off good for bad is how we treat kids and pets. We’re adults now.
  • Seriously, ditch the good versus bad mentality. Nothing in life is that black and white.

Say goodbye to your “Screw it!” attitude:

  • We say screw it to things when we can no longer follow set rules. Ditch the rules and learn to be mindful.
  • Remember anchor habits like eat until satisfied, not stuffed and eating slowly. Keep these in mind even during the difficult times and you’ll get through them.

Try taking these bits of advice daily and see if you can cure your weekenditis! If you’d like to find out more and receive regular lessons like this contact james@adywatts.com and I’d be happy to help.

*Doctor James is a fictional character and quite a scary thought!