Claire’s return to running

Hi Ady

Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for everything you have done to get me back running. I really appreciate it after all this time I was starting to doubt I would ever run again never mind race especially after much doom and gloom from so specialists etc. Strength and conditioning was completely alien to me but it works. Also shock horror I’ve started this resting lark you advocate and it works 🙂 I’m two minutes faster over 10k in 2 weeks. 

 the trainers story

Claire’s rehabilitation and conditioning has been a real challenge both for her, and for myself.I started working with Claire in August 2013 when she came to us me of long standing pain on her right side from her back to her foot, and having seen many previous specialists with no results. From our assessment we found what is unfortunately the norm for many endurance athletes: Poor movement quality, many muscular imbalances, poor core stability and on top of this Claire needed to work on her nutrition and taking time for some rest & relaxation. She’s a motivated girl!

We started Claire off with a specific program comprising of mobility and flexibility work, activation work for weak muscles and working on her movement quality. It helped, pain decreased, Claire was happy to be exercising without pain but, it wasn’t giving the results I’d hoped. Further investigation was required. This coincided well with my recent study of the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) method. DNS is designed to “restore and stabilize loco-motor function”. It does this by training the nervous system and not by targeting muscles. After a further assessment in March 2014 involving DNS techniques  we re-evaluated our approach and incorporated a number of DNS based exercises aimed to re-pattern Claire’s breathing and spinal stability (the two are intrinsically linked). We reviewed after six weeks and things had really moved forward. Claire could hold a far better posture, the pain had decreased significantly and for the first time since we started, her spine and hips had normal range of movement. I agreed with Claire that she could start a structured running program for the first time in over a year.

We last met at the beginning of August and the improvements were great. Claire’s pain free, can run uninhibited and her movement patterns are far improved.  I heard earlier today that Claire had decided to enter her first event since returning from injury and won the Wye Valley Runners Breinton 10 mile race. Not bad!

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