Written by Ady

Coach or Stress Manager?

Man lifting weight being watched over by a female personal trainer

As the Strength & Conditioning coach of the Arizona Cardinals, Buddy Morris put it; “a coaches primary role is as a stress manager”. We’re in control of loading stress on the body and the tools & methods we use all have an aspect of ‘risk v reward’.

Morris states; “Olympic lifting? Jumping? Medicine ball work? Something else? Each method has its benefit, but they all come with costs too and as a coach you have to search for the ways to get the most benefit for the lowest price”.

No matter who we are training this should always be the thought process driving our decision on program design. What has our client done that day? What has their workload been the previous week? Has their nutrition been good? Has their sleep been good? It’s fine having a plan but unless we ask the above questions before every workout we are risking our clients safety & limiting their chance of success. Remember consistency is the number one most important factor in a successful regime. Modify the volume & intensity daily based in the above. Happy training.