Cycling Improvement Program: Part 1

Part 1, The Group

Back when we started the Cycling Improvement Program (CIP) with Luke Moseley in September 2012 we were confident of getting our clients results but nothing beats that warm, fuzzy feeling that you get when you get feedback such as:

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Our first group to go through all three phases of the CIP were mainly competitive time trial riders who were looking for some offseason training to prepare them for this years Hereford Wheelers Time Trial series. Many of them had used Wattbikes before but not like this. The statistics provided by the Wattbike, one of my nerdy passions, gave useful feedback on performance and monitor improvements. Each rider had an initial 20 minute threshold test and throughout the series this test was repeated to ensure progress. This allowed us to keep each rider working in the right training zone and get the best training response possible.

It was therefore both reassuring and pleasing to see that the improved performance on the Wattbikes led to improved performances out on the road. We regularly receive hear from those who compete on how not only they feel better on the road but regularly achieve new personal bests.

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