Cycling Improvement Program: Part 2

Part 2, The Team

A month after starting the Cycling Improvement Program (CIP) the fine folk at Ross & District Cycling Club joined the program and used the Wattbikes out for their winter training sessions. It was also at this time we had Eddie Flectcher visit the facility and take us through the details of the Wattbike and it’s supporting software. I thoroughly enjoyed the day as it was full of stats, spreadsheets, cables and plenty of technobable. What’s more was I knew we had an excellent opportunity with the Ross guys to use this information straight away.
The group went through the first series of the CIP and in the matter of 12 weeks had made an average improvement of 16%, most of which was made in the first 6 weeks!

The team environment really showed in their training sessions with a healthy mix of banter and hard work. We look forward to having them all back this winter too!
led to improved performances out on the road. We regularly receive hear from those who compete on how not only they feel better on the road but regularly achieve new personal bests.

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