Cycling Improvement Program: Part 3

Part 3, The Individual

You need not be part of a cycling team or group to make use of the Cycling Improvement Program (CIP). We have tested over 70 individuals since the start of the CIP and many of them come in and use the program outside of group or team sessions.
We now have three series of programs totalling 28 weeks of training and Luke Moseley will be adding to this in the coming weeks. The structured nature of our programs means it is very easy to select the right one for you and your training time. Have that key race in 3 months? There’s a program for that. Looking to improve your cycling technique? There’s key sessions for that.
Everyone who has gone through the first CIP series has made a 5%-10% improvement in power. Of particular note is one client, Paul Sheridan, who is new to cycling this year. After his initial 20 minute threshold test Paul managed an average of 145 watts. Paul performed one CIP session per week for a total of 12 weeks. 6 weeks in Paul was retested to find he had increased his average to 154 watts. This then increased to 165 watts after finishing the first training series. That’s a 29 watt increase (20%) in performance.
For one hour a week this winter you can make a difference to next year’s performance. What’s stopping you?

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