What do you need to work on?

While enjoying a Guinness at the end of the first day of a recent course in Dublin, I was introduced to Coach Dan John. Over the last couple of years Dan has become a big name in the field of strength & conditioning; known for his easy to follow programmes and simplifying the most complex of training theories. After another Guinness, I agreed to hire Dan for the following morning and listen to his latest thoughts as well as ask him a whole range of questions on our shared passion. This is the first of a few blogs I’ll share with you off the back of our meeting.

Dan started by showing me how he categorises his clients. Using a simple Venn diagram (below), he gives clients a number which reflects what they need to work on in their training and reach their goals. Where are you in this model?

  1. You need to work purely on mobility
  2. Your needs are a combination of mobility and fat loss
  3. Your need to work on purely fat loss related
  4. Your needs are a combination of fat loss and strength training
  5. Your needs are purely to gain strength
  6. You need to work on a combination of strength and mobility (lots of athletes are here)
  7. You’ll gain from any type of training

Here are some examples of who typically falls into each category:

  1. Those who get repetitive injuries. Sedentary with weak butts.
  2. Guys wanting to lose weight
  3. Lots of folk
  4. Females who are looking to tone up
  5. Very few are here due to restrictions in either mobility of fat loss.
  6. Athletes are often here – fine tuning between strength & mobility
  7. The person who needs fine tuning

You may think that this is all common sense, but how often do we stray from our goals and start doing what’s easy over what we really should be working on? As a coach it’s our job to keep you focussed on working on the component of your training that’s going to reap the best rewards despite the fact that it mightn’t be your favourite facet of training. As I say; “flexible folk love stretching, strong people like strength training and endurance athletes like cardio”. This doesn’t particularly make for the best investment in your time however. This is a great time of the year to have a good think about what your priorities are and what’s holding you back from achieving your goals. Feel free to give us a call to discuss.