Exercise: The Antidote To Ageing

We’d all love to slow the ageing process to enjoy a longer, healthier life. The lifestyle we choose to live undeniably affects the rate at which we age. The good news is that you can make a real difference in how old you look and feel, and it’s never too late to get started!
Let’s take a quick look at four aspects of ageing: Biological, Functional, Psychological and Aesthetic and how exercise can help decelerate the
ageing process.

Biological Ageing

Our chronological age is how many candles we have on our birthday cake, whereas our biological age is how old we are from a health perspective. Obesity, a lack of muscle mass and poor cardiovascular fitness all contribute to our biological age and physical appearance. Strength training, accompanied by changes to your diet, will help you lose body fat, increase muscle, and improve metabolic health and, therefore, work
towards decreasing your biological age.

Functional Ageing

Moving well is vital to healthy ageing. The better you move, the easier you’ll find everyday tasks. You’ll also be less prone to slips, trips and falls. A well-thought-out strength training program should focus on ‘movement restoration’ utilising exercises replicating those used in daily life.

Psychological Ageing

As we age, it’s not just our physical capacity that reduces; our cognitive function does, too. From aerobic fitness training, research has proven improvements in executive functions (planning, self-monitoring, self-control, and organisation). Research into strength training shows improvements in cognitive function (processing speed, physical function, muscle strength).

Aesthetic Ageing 

As well as making us look good, having healthy skin plays a crucial role in fending off infection and disease. Can strength training improve our skin? Indeed, it can! Research shows that strength training helps rejuvenate ageing skin by reducing inflammatory factors while increasing skin elasticity and dermal thickness.
No matter where you’re starting from, exercise is vital in slowing down the ageing process and leading a healthier lifestyle.
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