Falling Out of Love With Your Diet? Try These Quick Fixes!

Still enjoying that bland salad?

All too often we hear that healthy eating can be boring. You have to cut out all the nice things that you couldn’t imagine your life without and replace them with tasteless salads and fat-free everything. Weight loss is about suffering right? If you put yourself through culinary hell, devoid of taste and pleasure, then surely you’ll get that stubborn fat to shift? If that sounds like you, let me ask you this, how’s that working for you?

  • Are you getting the weight loss you are looking for?
  • Maybe you are, but how do you feel about eating?
  • Has it become a chore and is no longer then nice experience that it once was?

If that’s the case, then it sounds to me like you are falling out of love with your diet.

To make any significant changes to our bodies, be it through training, nutrition or both, we need to be consistent. Two or three weeks of bland, boring, tasteless food may get us to shift a little bit of weight but it’s certainly not sustainable. Big changes in body composition come about from adopting habits that we can keep going. As mentioned in our Facebook post on How To Fix A Broken Diet – correct your deficits rather than cutting things out. Making huge sacrifices and cutting out all the foods you like will most likely leave you still deficient in the nutrients you need and craving those treats you miss.

Bringing back the love!

A good diet doesn’t have to be boring. By making it tasty we are more likely to keep it up and get the results we’re looking for. In a study by researchers at Stanford University it was shown that by giving vegetables a “sexy name” people were far more likely to eat them. Instead of having green beans, onions or asparagus why not enjoy “Sizzlin’ Green Beans, Crispy Shallots and Glazed Asparagus”. a colourful plate of food representing healthy nutrition through food

Spice up your existing meals!

Adding the right garnish, seasoning or topper can completely change a meal. So long as you are not adding layers of extras, don’t get too hung up on how much sugar or fat the sauce adds. A little bit of the right thing is a game changer. Why not try:

Looking for more ideas?

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