Fixing Father Ted.

My quest to save Ted from knee surgery!

Ted’s story is a common one and one that frustrates me. It’s one of a person signposted for surgery when I believe there’s a better way forward. Ultimately however, it’s about the client being pro active and doing the required work. 

My good friend and recent father (proof above) Ted is in his 40’s, has had previous Keyhole knee surgery and is now suffering further knee pain. I first heard of Ted’s discomfort late in the summer and offered a hand as this is the kind of thing I love to get involved with! Always the gent, Ted just got on with things until I heard last Friday that he’d been to have a scan and visit the consultant again. No need! I thought and I was on the phone like a shot booking him in for Saturday. Upon Assessment I found Ted had the following:

  • Very restricted ankle & hip mobility. 
  • Ridiculously sensitive / tight / inhibited musculature.
  • Poor movement quality

This is typical. The problem isn’t the knee it’s the dysfunction  around it that’s the issue!

In other words a knee with no support. The scan results may well show X or Y but without support of well functioning musculature and mobility in the hip & ankle joint, even the best knee will surely suffer? Don’t get me wrong, surgery is sometimes required but give yourself a chance! 

So, we’ve just had Ted’s second session and so far so good. Ted’s mobility has already vastly increased after daily foam rolling (zoom in on pic above for proof that he loves it) , stretching and mobilisation work and there’s sign of life in a few sleepy muscles. His big moves such as squats and lunges have also improved. 

I’m confident that Ted will avoid surgery and that we’ll get him strong with some good quality training. I said after today’s session that he’ll be ready for our Small Group Training very soon! 

Part 2 to follow!


PS: Teds had no pain in the past few days and feels better already.