Why aren’t you getting weight loss results?

A key to successful weight loss is being consistent with your nutrition, simply put, you cannot expect progress if you cannot be consistent. Our guidelines contain no secret trick or magic food, just sound nutritional advice.

It is one thing knowing what to do but it is another to put it into practise.

Here are a few of our favourite tips:

    By logging what you eat and having to return it to us for a review you become accountable to someone else. It is for this reason that we use a food diary
    Prepare your food in advance. For example, we often tell our clients to prepare the next day’s lunch when preparing the previous night’s dinner.
    We believe it takes a minimum of 80% adherence to our Good Basic Nutrition to get results – this gives you a little room for manoeuvre if you have social date in the diary.

All of us at Ady Watts have a genuine interest in your success. If you’d like one of us to be accountable to why not give us a call.