Helen Pugh

Helen Pugh on top of a mountain

I have always been an active person, playing sport at school and University and being a regular gym user. However, after University I moved to London for a year my weight started to creep up. I was still exercising and ‘thought’ I was eating healthy; however, my appearance showed a different story.

I moved back to Herefordshire at the end of 2015 and joined the gym.

I began exercising regularly. Instead of spending my time on the cardio machines at the gym, the coaches encouraged me to start strength training. I also spoke to the team about my nutrition and completed a food diary for them to assess. Thanks to them, I have learned so much about how to train properly and how fuelling your body correctly is just as important as the time in the gym.

I have lost nearly 2 stone in the process (and I can now do press ups!!). I feel great and my body confidence has really improved.

The small group training sessions are my favourite, without doubt. You can’t skip a session in case you let the team down, there is some (friendly) competition whilst you are training and it is the perfect way to start the day. I enjoy training 3 times a week and I am definitely the fittest I have ever been.

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