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How to Fix Your Diet Workshop Notes


Just in case you missed it…

Thank you very much for those you who attended. For those of you who couldn’t make it, don’t worry, we wanted to make all the workshop materials available online. Also, we’ve added some extra content that was discussed in the evening.

Presentation Download

Download Icon Full Presentation
Download Icon  Presentation Support Document
Download Icon Audio of the Workshop


It does last 2.5 hours!

Extra Downloads

Download Icon Kitchen Rescue Pack

Has a great alternative to meal plans as well as many other tips!

Download Icon  The cost of getting lean

A great infographic on what it takes to get lean and is it worth it

Extra Links for Further Reading

During the workshop, we spoke about Neil and his excellent letter to himself. Have a read of the blog here and learn how you can find your own intrinsic motivation for change.

To learn more about changing your habits for the better has some great articles. I highly recommend signing up for his newsletter. The content of that alone is an absolute game changer!

For those of you interested in finding a good source of Essential Fats, I recommend these from

Interesting Video!

Finally, we briefly touched on food as a reward and trying to out train a bad diet. This video from is great way of demonstrating the problem with that idea!

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