How’s that working for you?

It’s that time of year when willpowers are being tested, diets restricted and resolutions breaking at the seems. Ask anyone what’s the best plan to follow and you will no doubt get a large range of answers:

  • “Dry January for me”
  • “Meat-Free for a month”
  • “I’m crushing it on the sit-up challenge!”

Where it would be easy to throw judgement on all these plans, it’s worth taking a step back and asking a simple question.

How is it working for you?

What works for you?

To put it simply, whilst we all have very similar physiologies, we all have different psychologies. When it comes to choosing a plan it’s worth experimenting and finding one that works for you. Most diets work, it’s more important to be consistent! How do we know what works? Well, let’s put on our “Science Hats” and collect a little evidence! Make a record of things that you are looking to improve, let’s make sure we look beyond how much we weigh!

  • How do my clothes fit?
  • Do I notice a change in the mirror?
  • Do I have more energy in the gym?
  • Do I feel energetic and “with it” all day?
  • Is what I am doing sustainable?
  • When was the last time I felt ill?

If you are getting positive answers for each of those then well done! Keep doing what you are doing! If you are struggling then fear not, all is not lost.

Keep it simple!

It is very common to start the year full of enthusiasm and want to get stuck into the latest and greatest exercise and diet trends. When we start to slip up there is a tendency to abandon the plan and scramble for the next one. The key to success is to keep your new habits simple and achievable.

Success breeds success!

Chose one thing every two weeks that you are going to tackle. This could be making sure you have your gym sessions booked in (and written down in your diary). How about going for a walk every Saturday? Maybe allow yourself no more than two desserts per week? Whatever you chose to do make sure you can succeed at it and celebrate it. If you excuse the terrible pun, we tend to bite off more than we go chew! Adding a simple habit every two weeks or so and you will more likely stick to it. Research shows that when we work on one habit we are 80% likely to stick to it, this drops to 35% for two habits and less than 5% for three!

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