Is Your Diet Missing Out on These Top 4 Nutrients?

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Many of you might be missing out on these key nutrients in your diet…

All too often the first thing many of us do when changing our diet is to cut out all the crap. Get rid of the choccy biscuits, swear off alcohol and vow never to eat bread again. Whilst make these changes will no doubt help us to lead healthier and leaner lives, they can often be quite demanding. As always, difficult habits are rarely sustainable. What if there was a better way of improving our diets that didn’t take so much discipline and willpower?

Am I “Nutrient Deficient”?

The only true way to see if you are nutrient deficient is to get a blood or urine test. To save all that mess let’s look at the most common deficiencies:


It’s quite common to be slightly dehydrated. Even low levels of dehydration will affect both our mental and physical performance.

The Fix

Any drink, apart from alcohol šŸ˜‰ , can help hydrate you. Preferably chose zero calorie drinks such as water (!) and fruit teas.

Vitamins & Minerals

These lovely little “micronutrients” are essential to keeping our body working to their best. They help with everything from creating energy, processing foods and growth/repair. When we lack these then we suffer.

The Fix

It should come as no surprise, eat plenty of fruit and veg. If weight loss is our goal then aim primarily for veg. The more variety of colours the better!



Protein is an incredibly versatile “macronutrient”. It is involved in many processes in the body such as growth/repair and our immune system. More over, it is a key nutrient to ensure thatĀ thrive rather than justĀ survive. Protein is an essential nutrient when it comes to weight loss and all too often we don’t eat enough.

The Fix

This often conjures up images of eating plates of meat and pounding the protein shakes like a meat head. ThisĀ need not be the case. So long as we eat 1-2 palm-sized portions of protein in every meal then we are well on our way to eating enough. Check out our Kitchen Rescue Pack for a comprehensive list of sources.

Healthy Fats

This all too often demonised macronutrient is important for helping us optimise our body. Getting a balance of fats in our diet is important, especially those that our body cannot make,Ā essential fats.

The Fix

Aim to eat more foods that are higher in essential fats such as oily fish. It is also possible to supplement with fish oils. Look for ones high in EPA/DHA such as those available from


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