James’ Injury Blog – Decision Making Time

On Monday 15th I had an appointment with a consultant at the Droitwich Knee Clinic. I had asked my GP to refer me to the knee clinic on the advice of Ady and Luke. Prior to the appointment I had a lot of time to think about what I would like to do for my knee. My training had been progressing well, I was happily cycling to work and back, things were pretty much normal. I was occasionally getting pain in the top of my right calf and hamstring, this was usually after long periods of time on my feet or when I was running late for work and pedalled hard on the bike; this was of course rarely… 😉 . If all I wanted to do was be relatively pain free, be able to work and continue to train for the joy of training then all would be good. However, that is not what I want.

I’ll keep my sob story short, I want to be back training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as soon as (sensibly) possible. This was made even more poignant when I met with my friends at the Combat Academy Christmas party. My coaches said I had made great progress in the months prior to my competition and I fought really well. It reminded me of how much of a buzz I get from competing and the great support the club offers. I had been advised by Luke that if I was looking to return to BJJ then surgery would be a good option.

Now I am fully aware that surgery may not be 100% successful but I am confident that I will make the most of it. I feel having something to look forward to, to strive for, is essential when it comes to training. For me BJJ is that goal. I know that I can get back to the sport I love if I put in the hours now. I’ve been told it will take about 9 months before I could consider starting training again, 9 months is better than never. If I can be back on the mats before the end of 2015 I will be ever so happy. That’s 9 months of sorting my lower body out and getting as strong as I can. There is no reason why I can’t be in better condition than I was when I got injured. I am looking at it as an opportunity to hit the “reset button” not only on my knee but my training overall.

My surgery is booked for January 27th, this is far sooner than I was expecting! I am excited at the prospect of taking things forward but also a little nervous of how things will all play out. I have a pre-operation meeting at Hereford on the 23rd of January. I’ll be giving you all an update around then. In the mean time I shall keep training, enjoy Christmas and look forward to going Snow Boarding in the New Year!