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Want faster results with less stress?

Then one of our My Coach programs will get you there!

When it comes to making good choices we all know what we need to do but quite often struggle with the how. Here’s where we come in. Each program is tailormade to guide you through easy to do lifestyle and nutrition habits step by step. No more fads, no more gimmicks, just clear, understandable and achieveable changes.

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Back to School Nutrition

Program length: 59 Days

There is so much information out there that it can be a little overwhelming. Why not take a break and get back to basics? After all good nutrition need not be complicated!

You will learn all about:

  • Preparation and the importance of getting into a good routine
  • How to curb snacking and understanding “why we eat” and “how we eat” influences our choices.
  • Keeping portion control simple
  • How protein, carbs, fats and veg all contribute to a balanced diet

Core Fat Loss Habits

If you are struggling to shift a few pounds or found that your progress has stopped, this short course is for you!

You will learn all about:

  • How to get the best balance of key nutrients
  • Why consistency makes all the difference
  • Putting it all together in an easy to follow routine

Program length: 59 Day Fat Loss

Energy Boost Challenge Program

sitting on a balcony relaxing and taking in the view

Program length: 29 Days

If you are looking to feel better, recover quicker and have an extra spring in your step then our Energy Boost Challenge is for you.

In this program you will learn all about:

  • How balanced meals keep your hunger under control and energy up
  • The importance of sleep
  • Taking time to aid your mental as well as physical recovery
  • Get Daily Lessons

  • Stay accountable with habit tracking

  • Record your progress (weight, body fat%, etc…)

  • Get direct contact with your coaching team

  • Available both online and on the My Coach app

On Demand

Good habits rely on flexibility and convenience. Having all of our sessions available via our On Demand library gives you the ability to access great training anytime, anyplace.


Whether you live too far away to visit frequently or prefer the comfort of training at home, our LIVE training program will deliver great results. No matter what you’re looking to achieve, we’ve proven results using this method of training.


Located north and south of the Wye, our two well appointed Hereford gyms, give members from the county and further afield easy access to our services. Both also providing shower and changing facilities and the chance to grab a post workout tea or coffee!