Low Levels of Physical Activity are Second Highest Risk Factor. 

Team Training in the open on bikes

We hear a lot about the risk of this disease and that disease but rarely do we get the message that we should prioritise physical activity.

Over the past twenty years real inroads have been made into smoking cessation programmes that have made a real difference. However what’s been implemented with regards to increasing physical activity levels? What are the government doing to guarantee physical activity levels at schools? Programmes that would form habits for life and save the NHS billions, improve academic standards and help prevent mental health issues? Not a lot. Why aren’t personal trainers employed by the government to run initiatives? Cost? It’s a damn site cheaper than a course of medication for life that will only lead to that person having to have further medication as the years go by.

A lack of physical exercise will lead to long term health conditions. It may not be a disease, but it will vastly increase your chances of developing one. It’s part of our reactive rather than proactive culture to healthcare and it’s this that needs addressing.

Here’s a link to a long term study on the risks of being physically inactive.