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Lin Leong

Neurological Physiotherapist

I enjoy helping people to move better and to reach their health and rehabilitation goals. Seeing people be empowered to manage their own health is a great joy to me and I am passionate that everyone can find a way to live in optimal health and wellbeing.

Qualifying as a Physiotherapist, from Manchester University in 1998, I am a specialist in neurological Physiotherapy and also have extensive experience working with older people, in falls prevention and with persistent pain. I initially worked in the NHS until 2012 when I moved into private practice.

You will find I use an evidenced based, bespoke and holistic approach to Physiotherapy; whilst creating a friendly and enjoyable environment to work in. I know that by treating a person as a whole, the optimum outcome be gained- we will focus on the physical aspects of rehabilitation but will also encompass the impact on your general wellbeing and quality of life. I am told that I bring humour, encouragement and confidence to sessions that enables people to enjoy their sessions whilst achieving their goals.

Conditions treated include;

People may choose to have Physiotherapy for different reasons;

Maybe you have a new diagnosis and would like to know how best to keep fit and active?

Perhaps daily activities or hobbies are becoming difficult, you may even be starting to avoid them?

Have you lost movement and fitness recently and you want to get back on top of things?

Maybe you feel like your pain is ruling your life and you’d like to get back to feeling more like you?

In your initial assessment we will chat about what has worked before and what hasn’t, what goals you may have and what your current challenges are. We will also go through a thorough examination to look at things like movement, strength and functional activities. This gives the basis to discuss how I think you can move forwards, what work we would need to do together and an outline of how long it may take and how many sessions I’d advice. You will always be given work to do at home as this is essential in any quality rehabilitation and produces the best outcomes.

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