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A small group of people after a small group training session with the instructor at Ady Watts Hereford Gym

Low Intensity Interval Training.

If you’re just starting off on your fitness journey, recovering from injury, or looking for a great recovery session then Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) sessions will offer you a

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Posture has long been linked with poor health and poor performance but what does the latest evidence say?

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Ladies in gym with Ady Watts personal trainers doing high 5

Don’t Quit

Don’t Quit In my life I’ve been thin, fat, middle of the road, fat and fit again. I’ve had runs where I feel like I’ll reach that ‘holy grail’ of

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Festive Fitness

Festive Season Fitness

The festive season is upon us and we’re all ready to wave the white flag and surrender any fitness & health gains we’ve made. But hold on, all needn’t be lost and without sounding all ‘bah humbug’ there’s some great work we can do without spoiling the celebrations.

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Lady Training with female personal trainer

Staying stronger for longer

After years of focussing on your career and family, it’s easy to arrive at a stage of life feeling a bit worse for wear and as if it’s ‘too late’ to make significant changes to your lifestyle.
However, by making just a couple of changes we can significantly improve our quality of life moving forwards.

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Is Ageing an Option?

How to Avoid Ageing

  While we have no choice over our chronological age – the number of candles on our birthday cake, we do indeed have choice of our biological age – how

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10,000 Steps. A good way to fitness?

Background. Shortly before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics a Japanese company launched a pedometer called Manpo-kei, which translated into “10,000 steps metre”. It was based on the research of Dr Yoshiro

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Breaking Bad Habits

Many traditional ‘habit breaking’ methods leave people despondent and in a cycle of failure.  With the Fogg Behaviour Design model, you’re given a clear process to follow to help break

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