Lady Training with female personal trainer

Staying stronger for longer

After years of focussing on your career and family, it’s easy to arrive at a stage of life feeling a bit worse for wear and as if it’s ‘too late’ to make significant changes to your lifestyle.
However, by making just a couple of changes we can significantly improve our quality of life moving forwards.

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Is Ageing an Option?

How to Avoid Ageing

  While we have no choice over our chronological age – the number of candles on our birthday cake, we do indeed have choice of our biological age – how

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10,000 Steps. A good way to fitness?

Background. Shortly before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics a Japanese company launched a pedometer called Manpo-kei, which translated into “10,000 steps metre”. It was based on the research of Dr Yoshiro

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Failed Resolutions?

Sadly, it’s no surprise as motivation is not to be relied upon. It’s happened to us all.   “Motivation is like a party animal friend. Great for a night out,

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Breaking Bad Habits

Many traditional ‘habit breaking’ methods leave people despondent and in a cycle of failure.  With the Fogg Behaviour Design model, you’re given a clear process to follow to help break

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Your Guide to a Healthy Heart!

Keeping your heart healthy is a choice. Most of the risks contributing towards cardiovascular disease are lifestyle related, otherwise known as modifiable risk factors. Physical inactivity, being overweight, smoking, an

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