Nikki Brace

A female in biking clothing next to a bike

I have always been one to value my health and fitness, and for as long as I can remember my life has revolved around sport.  I have run a half marathon, cycled London to Paris and taken part in many dance competitions, all of which I have loved.

Two years ago, after struggling with my fitness levels and feeling poorly for a while, I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis, this affected both my physical and mental health, and for over a year I felt unable to exercise and be active.  Unfortunately, during this time I suffered a severe torn hamstring, which felt like the last straw. I was feeling low and lacking in self confidence and in constant pain from my hamstring injury.  It was at this point, I decided to seek professional help rather than the type of training a ‘traditional’ gym can offer.

I undertook a thorough assessment including a Functional Movement Screen, before having some personal training sessions.  As I have become stronger I have progressed to Group Training and now enjoy 3 sessions a week.  All the trainers are aware of my health issues and I feel safe to train in their hands.  The training is measurable and so as well as feeling stronger I am feeling challenged, which is important to me.  I am overjoyed to be feeling positive and motivated once again.  Physically, I feel strong and able to tackle life with energy and enthusiasm and I look forward to each session, it is great to train with different people each week and there is a real sense of achievement as we finish each session.

I am finally training with a smile on my face and enjoying all the benefits of feeling stronger and being pain free, I am even back on my bike and dancing again!

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