Nutrition Downloads

Portion Control

Use this worksheet to track how much you eat of each food group. This can be useful not only as an insight but also a consistency tracker.

Appetite Awareness Record

Use this worksheet to monitor how you feel before and after a meal. Becoming more aware of how you feel around eating can help you understand how full you feel.

Break the Chain

Use this worksheet to gain an insight as to what leads to certain food choices. Quite often the choice of having a snack that we didn’t need is often influenced by the actions and environments before and during that moment. By understanding what triggers us we can be wary of making similar mistakes again.

What to Eat

Keep it simple with this guide. Foods are broken down in to four groups, Protein, carbs, fats and veg. The worksheet will guide you through not only what counts as what, but also if there are better choices available.

Consistency Tracker

Consistent change (no matter how small) will inevitably lead to results. Use this tracker to see how consistent you are with any of your nutritional habits.