Daryl Szebesta

People of Fitness
“I’ve spent the majority of my life training and competing; running, cycling and triathlon. I was also fortunate to have coaches from time to time in each of the disciplines.
However, as anyone familiar with road racing know, at some point you’ll find yourself upside down in a ditch or under a pile of other cyclists, a part of the sport I seemed to be good at. The last crash resulted in a back injury and I’ve suffered with it for the last year or so, constantly in pain and on a cocktail of pain killers etc. ⠀
I joined the gym a few weeks ago and its transformed my back. The approach of tailoring to individual needs, taking on a holistic view and training within limits is brilliant. I love the 1:1 and small group personal training sessions and its a huge contrast to the one dimensional coaches I have had previously which were all around smashing yourself to maximise power and starving yourself to minimise weight.⠀
With Ady and team, who are all great, my strength is up as well as my fitness and wellbeing, both physically and mentally…if only I’d done this 30 years ago!⠀
I don’t think it matters what your start point is fitness wise, everyone would benefit from the approach. I look forward to all of the training now rather than dreading it.”⠀


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