Declan Williams

People of Fitness
“I’ve been recovering slowly from a serious car crash that I had in June last year. And as a result, have had lots of pins and plates fitted in my hip – it’s quite substantial. I’d come so far with physio but there was a need for something more.

I used to play football and the aim was to get back to playing January this year. However, having spent the first month in hospital unable to get out of bed, September hit and I realised that this wasn’t quite possible.

There’s been a huge difference in the 4 weeks that I’ve been coming to the gym. The difference in not just the physical things I can do, but also the mental aspect.

When I first started my balance wasn’t there and walking was awkward. However, I have benefited hugely from working with the coaches. The increase in my strength and balance has been amazing.

The great thing is that there is something set to work on each week in my sessions, to make sure I progress, it’s not a ‘come once a week, do this and I’ll see you next week’.

I went away from the very first day feeling motivated and positive that I had made the right choice in joining.”


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