People of Fitness - Ian Jordan

“Two years ago I turned up to the gym desperately looking for help. I had somehow managed to go from a person playing football and golf, enjoying life, to a physical wreck aged 49. Unable to walk up town or stand still for any length of time due to back pain, I had also sustained a couple of serious knee injuries from football too. I was having no fun.

Over time, less activity due to back and knee pain, working more on computers and stress all led me to Ady Watts. I had tried numerous gyms before but found it difficult to stay, I  believed they were making my injuries worse. For the first time in my life my mental health was affected and I knew I had to take charge of myself. Every week I was in the physio room getting nowhere it seemed and taking lots of painkillers.

I found Ady and his team very understanding and they convinced me I could do much more than I thought I could. I drew a line in the sand and changed my routine day and did what they told me to do. The gym is not about flash  machines that some other places have. I was paying for the personal coaching I was receiving which was well worth it. It has been a slow and steady road to recovery ever since and all I have done is listened to the team and followed the advice. I have been doing my programme every week , usually twice. I have got into the habit of performing mobility exercises every day and going for a walk.

Bit by bit they have helped put me back together. Many times I have turned up feeling stiff, not sure I am doing the right thing. However, I told myself to keep up with it as nothing else had worked. I had tried resting injuries and that just made me feel worse. I put sorting my own health as number one priority and put work second. To my surprise once I had done my gym session I always felt better than when I went in. This now felt like the right path, so I decided to keep going.

I am very pleased to say I am now back playing golf, coaching football and walking 10,000 steps every day. I am also not paying physio bills, taking painkillers and  have avoided another knee operation! Staying fit makes every aspect of my life much better and more fun, I look forward to continuing this journey.”

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Good habits rely on flexibility and convenience. Having all of our sessions available via our On Demand library gives you the ability to access great training anytime, anyplace.


Whether you live too far away to visit frequently or prefer the comfort of training at home, our LIVE training program will deliver great results. No matter what you’re looking to achieve, we’ve proven results using this method of training.


Located north and south of the Wye, our two well appointed Hereford gyms, give members from the county and further afield easy access to our services. Both also providing shower and changing facilities and the chance to grab a post workout tea or coffee!