Julie Jennings

People of Fitness
“Having been off work with severe lower back pain in October I had come to realise that the exercise, lots of swimming and hiking, that I was doing was not making me as strong, fit or flexible as I should be. I realised that these were things that were becoming more important to me to enable me to live a very healthy lifestyle.

I joined Ady Watts in December and had an initial assessment with James where we discussed what it was I was looking for. Following this, I took firstly took a series of Fundamental classes where I was coached in the basic movements that were needed for quality strength training before progressing into Small Group Training. Alongside these sessions, I also chose to take Personal Training sessions.. Having a trainer taught me to further cement in my mind and body the concise movements required to achieve my goals, prevent injuries and keep me accountable.

I am doing so much more now including taking part in the recent ‘Lockdown Endurance Challenge’ day, where I did both a 25 mile cycle and 10km walk with relative ease. It is thanks to the skills and encouragement of the coaches that is helping me to achieve what I am. I have also completed a 36 mile cycle ride, my longest so far, increasing my distance little by little.

The improvements have been exactly what I wanted. My blood pressure has come down and I have so far lost 24lbs! I feel stronger physically and mentally together with being overall much healthier. I had been considering reducing my working days leading up to retirement as I was getting weary but now that I have so much more energy those thoughts have been put aside.”


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