Moira Davidson

People of Fitness
“I’ve never been madly sporty. And, I have no patience what so ever so would start at gyms, go full tilt for a few months, get bored and then give up.

I have a big birthday at the start of next year (30 fyi) and decided last January that it was time I started doing something about my creaky joints, continuous pain and the muffin top, so took the plunge and joined on a 30 day trial. With underlying health conditions, my standing joke was that I was going to end up wheeling around town in slippers on a mobility scooter.

The team have been awesome, particularly through lockdown with the online sessions. It really added a needed structure to the day – gym in the morning, outdoors during the day and a walk late afternoon. I loved lockdown! Then I got Covid – the Long Covid!? Which has knocked me for six a little.

However, it’s been good to actually see my own progress over the last few months and build my strength and work capacity back up. The team have been great at making me realise what I can do and not focus on my limitations – I actually look forward to coming to classes! A miracle.

I also run a small glamping business and this has been the first summer in a few years that I’ve not ended the season with chronic joint pain and needing steriod injections! An even bigger miracle!”

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