People of Fitness - Tim Evans

Tim Member of Ady Watts Gyms“I have always enjoyed sport and tried to maintain a reasonably good level of fitness. Throughout school, university and beyond I have played rugby and have been a regular gym user. I have never let age be a deterrent, still thinking I am 21(ish).

Three years ago however I had a heart attack. An angiogram surprisingly revealed that my coronary artery was ’90 – 99′ % blocked !! A stent was fitted and I subsequently attended an 8 week cardio rehabilitation course. My days of immortality had ended and I decided that it was time to prioritise my lifestyle & fitness moving forwards.

The hospital recommended going to a gym as a controlled route back to fitness. A gym where they have trainers who are professionally trained in cardio rehabilitation and provide a more individual and personal approach. I am now back training two or three times a week and it has become one of my most important habits. I find sessions are always constructive and enjoyable with the right level of encouragement but without any pressure. All of the instructors are professional and knowledgeable (without exception) and this has helped me rebuild the confidence I needed.

The groups are small and it has been great to get to know the other people in the various classes who share common goals. In addition to the classes, I have also started running again (after a long absence). The combination of this and the strength training has definitely had a really positive effect on me both physically and mentally.”

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