Lucy Williams

People of Fitness

” I ended up at the gym through a mixture of an injury over twenty years ago that wasn’t rehabbed properly, SPD during pregnancy and turning a blind eye to my diet, which had left me feeling old before my time.

I tried to exercise but never felt like I was making progress; pain stopped me from running and I wouldn’t lift weight for fear of setting off my back. I hated how I looked and felt helpless to change the situation. I didn’t like the idea of other people being able to see me exercise nor did I like the idea of a team activity where I felt like my lack of fitness would let the side down. But I realised that I needed help to change my situation; I hoped that with help I could lose some weight and be able to do normal tasks like lifting shopping out of the boot of the car. But I was not prepared for the changes that would happen –

1. I now love exercise. I honestly never thought that would happen again! Training has saved my sanity, especially during the lockdowns. I am seriously a nicer person as a result. I don’t think I have ever been as dedicated to turning up for something in my life but I come away from every session feeling so much better for it.

2. I love that the atmosphere at the gym is friendly and supportive, not cliquey or elitist. The format of the sessions make training inclusive, allowing everyone to train to the best of their ability. I never worry about asking questions, the staff are approachable, helpful and eagle-eyed when it comes to perfecting exercises!

3. My progress still amazes me – my mobility was shocking. My deadlifts and squats started off looking the same, I wish I could show you, it would make entertaining viewing if nothing else! Now I feel confident in my ability to move effectively and train safely.

4. I can move and lift without pain. I went from giving up hill walking, as even carrying enough water for the day was a struggle, to feeling stronger than ever before. Added bonus- my kids no longer laugh at my attempts to run.

5. Confidence – this really was an unexpected bonus. I find the way we are coached to be so empowering, giving you confidence not only in your physical ability but also the knowledge the coaches impart leaves you confident in your ability to make good choices about when and how hard to train.

6. Fit not skinny. This was another surprise, I thought being thin was my ultimate goal, now I would choose strong every time!

7. Support – I love that the team are so dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by providing the right support for you as an individual. The combination of the range of classes letting you vary the focus of the session, the different staff to client ratios that help you to get the level of support you need and extras like help with nutrition or goal setting, mean you can build a truly bespoke package. And even better, this is reviewed regularly to make sure you have every possible chance of reaching your goals.

I am so happy that I decided to give Ady Watts a try. I really hope it is as life changing for everyone else who joins as it has been for me!”


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