Rachel Carr

Rachel Carr receiving an award

I have to confess turning 40 is pretty cool and I’m totally OK with this life milestone, in truth I rather like my older and wiser approach to the world around me! I have my own business, its busy and I love it and when I’m not working I’m a regular at the gym, can often be found navigating my way round the Hereford countryside on horse back and I like running.

Looking back sport was engrained on my life at an early age as a competitive swimmer in my teens, a keen horse rider my whole life and I’d even been known to attempt a spell at women’s rugby whilst at University.

The lumbar spine arthritis diagnosis just after I turned 40 was however, not so cool. My aunt would often tell me “getting old, comes with friends my dear” and yep, arthritis was not a friend I was keen to develop a debilitating relationship with.

Pre-arthritis diagnosis, I was often struck down with significant lower back pain, normally after exercise, although at its worse my lower back would trouble me when I walked, sat and slept.

Post-arthritis diagnosis, I eventually reconciled myself to the fact that something needed to be done and hoping for the best was no longer a viable strategy. I sought professional guidance and in doing so found a new love for functional and resistance training (historically I’d always side stepped the weight training section of the gym and Lord only knows what I thought a TRX was!)

And so, if like me life has thrown you an unexpected curve ball that derails your fitness ambitions, or if you find yourself in a training plan rut … I highly recommend getting yourself a great coach who really knows his (or her) stuff – I’m fitter, stronger and healthier for having done so, why not give to a go?

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