Ros Kearney

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I left the Army in 2014 with a patella tendon issue that 2 rounds of rehab had failed to fix completely. I also had core and back issues having had three children quite close together – I was pretty broken! I truly believed that my running days were over and I would forever be limited in what I could do physically.

Shortly afterwards I decided to cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats with my sister (1000 miles over 9 consecutive days). 3 months before our trip my knee flared up badly and I could hardly cycle. I sought professional advice. I was taken back to basics. I was now training ‘smarter not harder’ (I was worried I wasn’t doing enough) but I managed the cycle injury-free and have continued going from strength to strength. I was amazed at what we achieved in such a short time.

I am now 3 years on from those first steps. I have stuck to my various programmes so far as I can and am now doing more than I have in over 6 years. Before we moved to Australia I started training in a small group which was a really great way to train, knowing that the instructors could still tailor the training to me. I never feel intimidated they are the friendliest gym I’ve ever been to.

I am running regularly again for the first time since my first child, I’m doing some Crossfit sessions and I’m still cycling. I am more conscious about what I can and can’t do – and I know when I can push myself and when I can’t. In short I’ve been given the confidence to train, educated on how my body works and learnt how to manage my body.

Anyone with niggles, especially back and knees, should consider this.

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