4 Secrets of Training Success

Losing motivation? Not losing weight? Not gaining strength? Take a step back from the detail and ensure you’re doing the simple things right.


The number one rule should be consistency. If you’re the kind of person who loves doing the same thing every day, then do the same thing every day. If you’re the type of person who likes variety, then change your training every day. the main thing is that your exercising and moving often. Providing you don’t overdo things, you’ll get results. If you’re looking to take things up a notch or a more advanced exerciser, looking to add structure and ticking off the different modes of exercise is the the next step. Whether this be rotating cardio and strength training in the gym or adding more modes of training such as that needed to compete at a triathlon. Ensure it fits in easily with what else you’ve got going on in your life. The bigger the ‘hassle’ the more likely it is to fail when the going gets tough.


All the science say that when you do something you enjoy, you’re more likely to stick to it. Some enjoy training on their own, others in groups. Just pick something that you’re more suited to. As a coach I’ve become a lot less fussy about what folk should do as, enjoyment and not what I think they should do, is the best option. It’s here that it becomes really interesting as I could give you a program that would get you great short term success where as a more enjoyable program may get you lesser short term benefit, but would be more enjoyable. Do you risk breaking a habit for a bit more gain or do you maintain the habit with greater long term benefits?

Low Hanging Fruit

Where are your easy gains? What aren’t you doing? Do what you don’t find easy – It’s probably here that you’ll find maximal results. Are you training hard but not eating well? Are you doing loads of cardio but no strength training? If you’re an endurance athlete are you doing your threshold work? Are you carrying a few pounds to many but moaning about your strength? Be honest with yourself and focus on what you’re not doing for maximum returns. This is where the big gains are to be had. Be cautious however, as it’s when folk start doing things they don’t like that habits may suffer and that’s the last thing we want. Maybe make just one change at a time?

Managing the Load

Oh I love talking about this! One of the main things all clients struggle with is managing the amount of training they do. One of the main responsibilities of the coach is therefore to try and educate the client on how to manage their workload. This is where our experience comes in. I wrote a blog a few months back about the job of a coach being that as a ‘stress manager’ and I still think it’s spot on. Those who speak to me often (poor folk) will have heard me go on about this all the time. Our job is to increase or decrease the load on the body taking┬átaking into consideration what else you’ve got going on in your life. Working long hours, poor diets, family issues – it all adds up. Our job is to make exercise a positive and to look after you and not to heap more and stress on you.

Keep up the work and keep enjoying your exercise folk. Any issues then please drop me a line! A