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“The change in me in such a short space of time is phenomenal”.

“At 19yrs old I joined the Police and had my career mapped out being able to retire when I reached 50!! What a fantastic thought. It was a job I loved, I was confident, socially outgoing and very much a people person. Sadly, this was cut short and in 2015 I was medically retired aged 32 following an accident that led to life changing physical injuries.

Whilst on maternity leave in 2010 I fell down the stairs carrying my son, this left me with residual nerve damage to my left leg. I went from being physically fit to being a sedentary, inactive individual. In this period, I had two children, gained weight whilst also losing muscle, confidence and self-esteem!
I had danced competitively from the age of 4yrs in Ballroom, Latin and Classical Sequence all around the UK. I dreaded not being able to dance again. I joined other gyms, did the induction but very quickly became demotivated with little guidance and intimidated by other gym goers so paid for something I never used!
Which brings me up to November 2018 when I joined my current gym. I LOVE the setup, the varied timetables, programmes and the coach’s knowledge and expertise is second to none. I love my small group, team training and spin sessions. I’m feeling totally motivated and in the fitness zone once again, amongst super supportive people.

The change in me in such a short space of time is phenomenal. My mood has improved, my confidence is creeping back, and I feel I am a better wife and mother. In this process I am aiming to achieve a newer, improved version of the old me!
The results are measurable which is great for me to keep track of my progress. In 4 weeks, I have lost weight, gained muscle mass and lost 2.5% body fat. I’ve attended some great workshops already, met some fabulous people and feel very much part of the fitness family.
I cannot wait to continue on my journey, regaining a stronger, mobile and fitter me!”


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