Staying in Shape This Summer

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April is the month when many of our fitness habits lose steam. The daylight hours change, the BBQ comes out, our calorific consumption increases, tighter-fitting clothes return, and that ‘feel good factor’ disappears.

As we head into summer, now is the time to reflect on your progress and set yourself up for success over the coming months.


For many, regular exercise is the cornerstone to leading a healthier way of life. If it goes, other healthier habits also disappear.

It’s therefore imperative that we prioritise exercise. It could be regular gym visits, moving every day, or maintaining daily steps.

As always, the priority should be to maintain muscle mass and cardiovascular fitness.


Enjoying the odd BBQ or glass of wine isn’t the problem. What is, is when it becomes regular behaviour, and you are no longer having the occasional treat but treating yourself most days of the week.

Be disciplined and set yourself a framework with your nutrition and calorie intake. It could include weighing regularly, tracking calories or setting yourself firm guidelines to follow through the summer months.

Hold yourself accountable.


When it comes to achieving results and maintaining body composition, recovery is often overlooked. The benefits you get from exercise depend on the quality of your rest. A more hectic social calendar can challenge your recovery, causing tiredness, lack of energy and lack of progress with your training.

To counter this, prioritise your sleep and look at other recovery strategies, such as lower-intensity sessions when you’re tired or breathwork practices to help reduce stress and help the body regenerate.

If the summer months challenge your fitness and wellness routine, then be sure to plan ahead.

Here are a few strategies that could help:

If you don’t think you can maintain the level of movement you’ve been doing in the first few months of the year then reappraise your plan. Start with reducing intensity, rather than dropping frequency.

Create rules
Develop a simple framework that you feel you can manage and maintain. It may be something like 7,000 steps, 7 hours of sleep and 7 movement sessions per week.

Remind yourself ‘why’ you started
If you start to feel defeated, take time to reflect on why you committed to your wellness journey. Normally, if we dig deep enough, there’s a strong emotional reason why we decided to look after ourselves.

Being in less pain, reducing the risk of disease, managing a long-term health condition or being able to enjoy life to the full with kids or grandchildren.

Whatever your why is, don’t stop doing what’s good for you.

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