Steve Reeves

“I was diagnosed with long term depression and severe anxiety, which consequently led me to not looking after my body, eating junk food and not exercising.

I regularly saw social media ads for the gym to which my body thought ‘yes let’s go for it’ and my mind saying ‘no’. One day though, my body won the battle and I booked myself in for an assessment. It took a lot of effort to even go through the door and discuss the right path forward. I am very grateful and thankful that on that day I was made to feel quite at ease in a very professional environment.

Before starting at I began mountain biking and also road cycling. Both gave me enjoyment but I felt my fitness levels were not progressing well enough to compete with the Herefordshire hills. This is where the gym came to the rescue. The small group personal training has improved my overall body strength and the Cycling Improvement Programme has allowed me to improve my pedalling efficiency, technique and ultimately become a stronger cyclist.

Since being a member, I have participated in a few long distance cycling events, including the New Forest 100 mile Sportive. That distance, for the first time, was such a fantastic feeling I will never forget! All of this with a supportive group of fellow gym members many of who were also doing the event for the first time.

As a result of the positive and professional training I’ve received from Ady and his team, I have gained more confidence. I have been to Majorca on a cycling holiday on my own and rode over 500miles in one week. In March I ran my first ever Half Marathon with a team of members, in aid of The Little Princess Trust. And, I have lost 15cm off my waist line, which feels so good!”