Sue Hodgson

Lady holding a dog next to an outside oven

I have always kept myself fit in the form of running, yoga and hill walking with my beloved dogs but rarely in a gym! So when I started having back pain and was advised not to do exercise I was gutted but didn’t give up.

I sought advice and was recommended a local gym. After carefully being assessed, I was put on a programme, which got right back to basics. Initially I started with a personal training membership and under the coach’s watchful eye, I started to recover very quickly. I was taught how to use weight training to improve my strength and, after only a few months I was pain free and completely hooked on the methods.

I have also attended many of their nutritional courses, subsequently changing my eating habits and leading to a significant weight loss.

Last year I had a health scare and again, was advised to ‘be careful’ exercising. I was encouraged to come back to the gym and we worked around my weaknesses and built back up progressively.

I now train regularly in the Small Group Training sessions, which are great fun and run frequently throughout the week.

I have continued to progress, have met lots of like minded people and am very definitely the fittest I have ever been.

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