Our Fitness Family

Welcome to our Fitness Family. People just like you who’ve improved their quality of life through using our services. Empowering them to lead a healthier, more active life. 

People of Fitness

Julie Jennings

I feel stronger physically and mentally together with being overall much healthier. I had been considering reducing my working days leading up to retirement as I was getting weary but now that I have so much more energy those thoughts have been put aside.

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Is Ageing an Option?

Steve Reeves

It took a lot of effort to even go through the door and discuss the right path forward. I am very grateful and thankful that on that day I was made to feel quite at ease in a very professional environment.

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Ian Jordan

The gym is not about flash machines that some other places have. I was paying for the personal coaching I was receiving which was well worth it.

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People of Fitness Becky Smith

Becky Smith

I have made some great friends at the gym which makes training so much fun and never feels like a chore. I now train 4 times a week, have a newfound love for cycling and a huge pride in myself.

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Sophie Morgan - People of Fitness

Sophie Morgan

I LOVE the setup, the varied timetables, programmes and the coach’s knowledge and expertise is second to none.

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Helen Pugh on top of a mountain

Helen Pugh

Thanks to them, I have learned so much about how to train properly and how fuelling your body correctly is just as important as the time in the gym.

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Lady holding a dog next to an outside oven

Sue Hodgson

I started with a personal training membership and under the coach’s watchful eye, I started to recover very quickly. I was taught how to use weight training to improve my strength and, after only a few months I was pain-free and completely hooked.

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Beth Barnett on a horse

Beth Barnett

I feel stronger, fitter, more capable and mentally tougher; plus, I discovered it’s one of the best medicines for a bad or stressful day. It is a decision I will be forever thankful I made.

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A lady stood in a garden

Debbie Yates

I decided to get some professional advice and start exercising. Within days I had my first personal training session and the progress since has been amazing! The emphasis here is clearly on what you CAN do and not what you CANNOT do!

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A female sat on a boat

Ros Kearney

In short, I’ve been given the confidence to train, educated on how my body works and learnt how to manage my body.

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A female in biking clothing next to a bike

Nicky Brace

I am finally training with a smile on my face and enjoying all the benefits of feeling stronger and being pain-free, I am even back on my bike and dancing again!

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A man stood in a lavish garden

Sir Roy Strong

I cherish the memory of the trainers and young things cheering me on as I heaved a weight in the air and carried it the length of the gym!

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